Every web site needs a domain name. Whether you already have a domain name or wish to register a new one, contact With Pride Designs today to save time and money!

Our domain name registration and renewal rates are also very competitive. Please be aware of companies that are still charging in excess of $50 US to register a domain name. The process of registering a domain name is very simple and inexpensive task.

Our Rates are as follows:

New Domain Registration:
$25.00 per year. COM & .CA

Transfer of your domain name to our registrar:
Free if you are also hosting your web site with us, please note you are still required to pay for one year’s registration which is added to any remaining time left from your current registrar.

Our domain costs are as follows:
Domain registration/renewal $25.00 per year
Forwarding of domain names: $13.00 per year plus yearly renewal fee’s
If you wish to ‘park’ your domain or simply have is registered for future use, renewal cost is $20.00 per year